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  1. When was photography invented?

The journey of the photograph is an interesting one. Produced in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce on a polished pewter plate covered with bitumen, the idea of the camera actually existed way before that with the camera obscura and camera lucida. Photography, derived from the ancient Greek words ‘phos’ meaning light and ‘graphe’ meaning stylus.

  1. What is photo sharing?

This is when you post your pictures onto a website so that it can be visible to others. Facebook is a prime example of photo sharing – as you can see for yourself – people love to visually record their movements, activities and much more. When you want others to see those pictures, it is not possible to message every family member or friend your pictures. Posting it on the website or on a social networking site works better and faster. There are also many sites that will allow others to view and contribute to your album.

  1. Can I change the privacy so that only a select few can view my photos?

Yes. No matter which website or service you use, there will be a privacy setting which you can change as per your convenience. If you wish for only a few family members or close friends to view, you can indicate that. Also, there are many sites that have your contacts stored as friends/ family/ acquaintance – this also helps in deciding who can have access to what. It’s great when you don’t want family to see that holiday you went for when you were supposed to be elsewhere, or the day off from work when you were supposed to be sick. You get the idea.

  1. Which is the best photo sharing site?

Flickr is considered to be the best and the largest photo sharing website available today. With over 1 TB space, you really can forget about storing your images on your computer now. With the shifting trends to online storage – you can access your photos whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Do you have to pay a fee to use these websites?

Most of them are absolutely free. In fact, there are so few that are pay-to-use because of the immense competition that there is these days. The only fee that you may be charged for is if you want a subscription with an ad-free account – which means no ads for a month or a year – depending upon the subscription you choose.

  1. Who can see my photos?

By default, your photos are visible to the public. It’s only after you change your privacy settings that you can control who views them.

  1. Can I print my pictures from these websites? Or can others do that too?

Yes, you can print your pictures no matter where you are – anybody who has access to your photos and albums can also take printouts – the only thing that matters is the resolution you store it in. With certain websites like Facebook, the resolution is lowered so you cannot take a decent print of the photos, but if you use actual sites aimed at storing photos like Flickr – you can get a great print quality.