Lifelapse: Recording Your Life One Image At A time

With so many smart phones recording our various activities and tracking our every move and with so many people continuously posting every second of their lives to various social networking sites, a new app has been released that will do the work for you. How many times have you wished to record the night sky as it progresses from dusk to dawn, or to see the landscape change during the day – or make an awesomely cool video about life in the city?

Lifelapse is the newest app to hit the market and it bring s a new way to look at life in the way it captures it so that we can relive our experiences and events of the day. If you’re wondering how it works, it takes a picture every 30 seconds and then allows you to share it through a 1 minute video.


Although there are devices out there that you can buy and get it to do the absolute same thing, why would you want to carry around another gadget and shell out a couple more hundred dollars when you can get your smart phone to do the exact same thing? The folks behind Lifelapse have created the app for iPhones as well as have created the Lifepouch that allows you to hang your phone form around your neck. I mean, that’s just smart thinking. It’s no fun if you have the app and you have to walk around holding your phone in your hand the entire day – that’s just not practical.

Having the Lifepouch allows you to walk around hands free so that you can get about doing your day’s work without interruptions.

What is Lifelapse?

Lifelapse is an app for your iPhones that allows you to record your day through pictures that are regularly clicked after intervals which can later be compiled into a video for viewers. Why the app is a great idea is because even though our smart phones do almost everything, if we want to record our day or an event in series, we have to end up holding our phones or time-logging devices constantly. If you’re at an event, you want to be part of it, not be on the outskirts watching in.

This is a new application that offers stop motion photography – or time lapse pictures. When you wear it around your neck by using the Life pouch, you effectively turn into a moving time-lapse tripod. If you’re snowboarding down the slopes, this app will record what you see and convert it into a digital flipbook within the app. Later, it can be played back in video format or the pictures can be saved and shared individually from the Lifelapse Gallery.


As nearly all apps offered on phones, this geo-tags your images to help organize your pictures. Its date stamping feature allows it to enter the time-lapse recording as a Calendar event, naming the event after the pictures and making a note of it on your calendar. It works the other way round too. Lifelapse checks your calendar for appointments or events on that day and then automatically names the slideshow after the calendar’s event. With all information like location, time and date all given, organizing your pictures has never been easier.

The only downside to this is that as with majority of phone apps, it will use up your battery pretty quickly, but you’ll never have to miss a detail on any event again. Just switch on the app and forget about your phone while it records things as they happen and allows you to have a physical recording if it instead of having to rely on our faulty memories.

I tend to think of myself as an amateur photographer. I don’t consider myself to be a Henri Cartier-Bresson in any way, but I think my compositions and subjects in a frame are pleasing. At least, that’s what people have told me.

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