Organizing Your Imaging World: The Best Photo Sharing Websites

Before technology in digital photography and the internet kicked in, we were happily taking pictures with our prized cameras and getting the pictures printed out to put in albums. That seems like a whole generation ago and it actually is. Now smart phones and digital cameras have made it possible to click as many pictures as our hearts desire. While earlier we would have been very selective on our shots and framed each picture perfectly before taking the picture, now we can click with abandon as well as see the pictures we’ve taken to see if more need to be taken.

But how do you organize the thousands of pictures? What happens if you’re looking for a certain picture and your phone and computer pics are all jumbled up? Or all those thousands of pictures are in one single folder? Here’s what the internet has for you:


  • Flickr

This site offers an amazing 1 TB of storage for FREE! Yes, in this world where you have to pay for everything, it’s a refreshing change to see such a big site providing so much. It is the premier photo sharing site on the internet with absolutely no restrictions on image resolution. If pictures are not your thing you can even upload 1080 HD videos which are up to 3 minutes in length.

You have the option to categorize your pictures into collections and sub collections and also search for pictures according to the dates when the picture was taken. Shown in a grid format, you can upload your photos from the Flickr app from your smart phone, via email or even the website and share those albums on various social media.


  • Photobucket

It’s a great app that allows you to not only share your pictures with friends and family, it also allows you to edit them! What’s the point if you take a great picture, but later you notice that the colours don’t look as sharp as you remember it? Then you don’t end up feeling so happy with it – look at various websites, the images look sharp and the colors are fresh.

This site has an in-built editor with red-eye removal, sharpening and cropping (to remove that unwanted person in your picture). Add text to your images, give a splash of color to a black and white image or play with vintage filters – go wild. Upload images from Facebook, your laptop or other websites and you can upload the pictures from this app to Facebook and other networking sites.


  • Google + Photos

This giant has done it again. Although G+ took time to get popular, the trend is slowly catching on. What makes this so convenient is because many of us use Android phones and by using the back up and location history feature in the Google + App, you can get your own story collated by Google. It looks quite professionally done too!

It automatically creates a Story when it thinks you are away from home, or when you’re on vacation. If your pictures were taken on burst mode, it will create a mini animation which can be viewed from the website or the app. An additional movie feature will stitch together a movie from your selected photos or videos. Privacy totally depends upon you and it can be uploaded manually to create your own albums too. With a storage space of the normal Google Drive capacity with unlimited standard sized pictures, just email the link and you’re good to go! What we love about this is the convenience of everything having been done for you!

I tend to think of myself as an amateur photographer. I don’t consider myself to be a Henri Cartier-Bresson in any way, but I think my compositions and subjects in a frame are pleasing. At least, that’s what people have told me.

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